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Electric Guitars

Electric guitar

Electric guitar is a guitar that uses a pickup to convert the vibration of its strings—which are typically made of metal, and which occurs when a guitarist strums, plucks or fingerpicks the strings—into electrical impulses
guitar four screws lock handle is in the guitar body.Such guitar with Fender represented.
 Qin viscose shank is bound to the guitar. Such guitar with Gibson represented.
Qin handle the entire branch through in the end, the guitar is made from two pieces of wood to be clamped. Such a guitar to Carvin's more,
there are many early ESP, but the increase in cost, perhaps difficult production technology, has been rare. Ash bright and clear tone, usually light brown with dark lines and large. Usually not too heavy. Stratocaster, Telecaster Alder Ash relatively light, rich sound, good low-frequency resonance.
There is also a light brown fine lines. Stratocaster, Telecaster Mahogany wood is quite heavy, rich sweet tone, low frequency significantly.
Usually reddish-brown with black fine lines. Les Paul, PRS Basswood is a light wood, almost no white color speckled appearance of fine lines. IF obvious is his specialty. Ibanez Jem series Maple sounds clear and bright, a good high-frequency performance. But the weight is too heavy, usually one sheet posted on the Body (Top), have beautiful lines. Common are Flame (Curly), Quilted, Bird's Eye few or no special lines (Plain) of.