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Gibson ES-339 VS Gibson ES-335

Gibson es 339 is a semi-hollow  body , the Gibson custom shop custom-made semi-hollow guitars. 339 guitar guitar sound entity, empty heart of the semi-hollow body.339 is cheaper than 335. ES335 lighter and more compact than 1959 circuit also has some change, joined the tones of Memphis a improve the effect of high frequency.A modified version of 335.
I have not played 339 . It is difficult to evaluate its sounds good or bad. But if I want to buy a jazz,definitely 335 .By measuring the width of this ES-339 362mm, a length of 425mm, and 406mm * 483mm compared to the ES-335 is smaller. The thickness of the edge of only 44mm.In terms of craftsmanship, the Gibson ES - 339 adheres to  the traditional production process;Large die, carved arc surface, the adhesive on the back panel.ES - 335 - at the center of the middle solid wood, reservations here: maple and as spruce is installed between the two pieces of piano board, but that's all you can clearly see from the jean f holes on the plate. Gibson quality accessories also displays in the brown with a trace of deep purple rosewood fingerboard, and its thick and high quality silk, the overall design is very rich and outstanding ,And don't like the modern products usually Gibson through patchwork.The result is that, through the precise control of computers to the specification and the preparation of the neck on the wire.
In addition, after the installation frets and the behaviour of the neck edge, is that very few companies can do like Gibson, this makes each product frets  edge will usually form the shape of a "beak". While the thickness of the ES - 339 on the edge is higher than  vintage series  .This method not only reduces the performance suitable for playing on the neck width, sometimes also can make the E string of the high sound stuck in the gap between  in the "beak" and crack .But here - that is, the ES-339, you do not have to worry about this happening, although the narrow width of fretboard still   changes  , but the previously mentioned "bird's beak"  will not appear .
ES - 339 provides two alternative neck size."30/60 has a slender neck, it feels a bit like Gibson in the 1960 s, the thickness is about 0.030 inches".
The second is a comparison of heavier "' 59" neck, its characteristic is: the neck for 23 mm in thickness, the position of the 12 product is 25.6 mm.
To some point of view, it belongs to a larger neck .
Two totally enclosed '57 classic Humbucker pick-up, and the control system is located on the side of the guitar body  .  It is estimated that this is an important reason why  many guitarists choose this piano . But just as Gibson advertised  in the advertisements : "339 added Gibson's new Memphis Tone Circuit, which makes whether you turn the volume knob to any position, it will not affect the high-frequency portion.    In some places even said that it was named after the circuit system that will replace the standard 300 kohm linear decrease volume  ;"500 linear controller can reduce sound was at the same time keep the high frequency part. This volume is controlled by logarithmic method makes keep smooth tone".

Sound features :
By contrast, 339  is much less bulky, and voice has more "solid" feeling, when playing  also appears more easily to conttol  than ES - 335 .But the tension of the string itself is large, so you might think that spending a large sum of money to buy this guitar is not worth it, but for most of us, it won't be a problem. If you install 0.010-0.046 model strings on the 339, then it will be much more comfortable to play, and the piano sound will be very clear, and also to give an acoustic guitar resonance effect.
4 kg weight of ES-339 can not be a  lighter  improved product than the ES-335. It can even be said to be heavier  than some of the previous several guitars.  But when you put the access connection into  the speaker,will immediately feel  more open, stereo,sound effects highly dynamic , meanwhile,high  and low frequencies  have a good performance.
If compared to previous guitar, modern version of the ES-335 guitar sounds with more solid sound effects, then the ES-339's performance will not let you down even more. This is not only because the guitar  is a product of Les Paul and ES-335 hybrid design , more importantly ,to  compare to the ES-335, ES-339's low-frequency portion  sounds more compact.
In addition, as the world's famous pick-up model, the classic Gibson sound from '57 classic pick-up   can quickly attract the attention of our ears.
Sound from  bridge pickup position   is not too dark, sound from  neck pickup is dense but smooth. For those who laugh, I can say this guitar sounds in some respects superior to the ES-335 series and the Les Paul guitars. Also the unique design of frets  also makes this easy to play ,also appears more comfortable to push the string and hook the string when playing . Yes, to  compare to the usual fretboard ,this is  more convenient, but the advantage sometimes often contains insufficient, ES-339 in terms of dynamic sound can not compete with  the ES-335 , it is more modern.
However, compared with the pure entity guitar Les Paul, in terms of dynamic performance capabilities ,ES 339 IS slightly better.

Conclusion: his tone is more modern, more close to the LES PAUL and other solid body guitar .Dynamic performance is better than 335, the guitar body is smaller and more compact.If you are playing jazz music and ROCKABILLY  , I suggest to buy 335.
There are a lot of choices  in the final decoration of moderin Gibson guitars . In addition to some of the design model, the company is still using nitrocellulose paint for coloring work .
Not only classic sunset colors  fascinating, it also can not help but make people  eyes blurred. Although the piano design is not like other American brands to get surface a radian, but it doesn't affect it's superior feel.
The single piece of mahogany neck  color is more natural (perhaps coated with dark brown).Headstock backward deflection angle of 17 degrees, the color is black and studded with classic pearl yellow flag and the crown pattern,the tuning also show Gibson royal  style :Gibson Deluxe beautifully printed above the logo and opaque dark "Tulip" button.Gibson quality accessories is also reflected in a deep purple with a hint of brown rosewood fingerboard, and the thick and high  frets  , its overall design is very plump and outstanding, unlike the usual modern Gibson products to make this by splicing . The result is that, by precisely controlling the computer to regulate and prepare  frets on the neck  .
Perhaps you inherent in the habit of thinking, Gibson's volume and tone control knobs do trade unions is not so satisfactory. But this guitar before, your idea will be gone. ES-339 control knob workmanship is very fine, and when you use the volume control to adjust the tone, you will find in a small volume of the sound will be more brighter; and when you want to decrease the volume of the way through to obtaining a brighter sound, the sound does not change too much,to softened or darkened. Voice of course there will be some subtle changes, but this change is to change the balance of the  generated volume, you know this can not be regarded as a bad thing.
Theoretically, ES - 335 compared to the ES - 339 can get better feedback when playing sound, this is due to the smaller volume of 339 , and   different wood also further widened the gap in this aspect.
In short, the difference between global and local design formed a completely different between ES-335 and ES-339 sound character.
Whether you think this guitar is a little more  "short" on this guitar size, or   when playing is easier to control. At the same time when the volume is small and bright.  In short, this guitar can make u feel fresh  befere connect the guitar with the effector .
Comprehensive evaluation
For many guitarists, ES-335, whether in appearance or function are close to perfect.If you are one of them, then you probably will  not be interested in the 339 .But for those of us who believe that ES-335 in size is not outstanding , ES-339 is a good choice.It also retains some outstanding advantages of the ES-335 among the large volume guitars , mean while the control unit have been improved, there are more in the range  of sound . It can be said  among Gibson products, in terms of  sound, feel, or appearance, it is enough to make you satisfied.