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Martin D28 HD28 D41 Review Comment

The difference between Martin compare several mainstream D-piano, the main difference from the rigid appearance, configuration, etc. to introduce, supplemented by subparagraph listen, not to do too much evaluation of timbre, tone color aspect because relatively large subjective component, misleading, do not do too much description.
First look at D28, HD28, D41 the same areas:
It is D-piano body, all alone, where D28, HD28 to Martin STANDARD 28 level, D41 for the STANDARD 4 line level.
Configuration are SITKA spruce, Indian rosewood backside, ebony fretboard and Bridge, a different material is used for level differences. I can say that they are all the same type of style.
Look at the difference between them:
1. Start start with the appearance, the more obvious is their different side piano body bag, D28 black and white line edging, HD28 fishbone pattern edging, D41 is the relative luxury of some shell edging.












D28 black guard, HD28, D41 for the shell color guard


3. fingerboard inlay different product in mind, D28, HD28 with Wiebe shell dot product in mind, D41 square shell products in mind, fingerboard with white edging

5. backplane midline styles are different, D28, HD28, D41 are not the same

6. material at a different level, as mentioned above, the same as D28 and HD28 material grade, higher grade material D41. In fact, not only the material is good or bad depends on how the surface of the grain, drying methods and storage conditions are very important, the other most important thing is how the acoustic properties of the plate. Martin to material graded, apart from how to see the wood will sell acoustic characteristics is a very important factor, there are special devices to check for structural defects inside the wood, and will be experienced by the people through manual inspection board , percussion board feedback from the ear to judge his good or bad. Further personal judgment drying methods and storage may also be a year of standard grade, because D41 is significantly larger than D28, HD28 light is very large, probably one-third to half of the light the way, but their basic structure is the same, we can only weight difference is the difference resulting from the material itself.

 7. The sound beam structure
D28 is a standard X-type sound beams, 5/16 ", the sound beam material is SITKA spruce
HD28 standard X-type sound beams, 5/16 ", after the cutting process, the sound beam material is SITKA spruce
D41 is a standard X-type sound beams, 5/16 ", after the cutting process, the sound beam material is SITKA spruce
Sound beam structure D28, HD28, D41, dimensions, materials are the same, D28 and HD28, D41 different, after both through cutting process, the tone is different one very important reason. As for the HD28, D41 is completely different to be verified, and normally 2 lines and 4 lines should be two lines down products, two of the same people, their processes may be different from that on many sites at home and abroad has been found a very clear answer, there is hope out expert advice.
Above is the difference between the three piano, anymore welcome supplement.
Below are three piano bits and pieces, equipment and performance is limited, can not well reflect the three different piano sound, can only be a reference when the individual that D41 was significantly better than martin HD28. Recording equipment for ZOOM H4N, no late stage

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