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In fact, far from Martin D45 assessment, just some random notes...

Ideal for recording into the studio,   decomposition chord  reaction to the fingertip is particularly sensitive, that is to say  the length of the nail will be affect the sound effect .If you want a little brighter tone, you must stay nails.
Long nails will decrease the efforts ,so it  depends entirely on what kind of tone and intensity of your fingers.This is the so-called finess. These are  i comprehend  after   having d45  .

The volume is very balanced, six E string empty string or a string of 15 G, the volume is almost as big as (but it is not the volume, should be the  sensitivity  conveying  to the ears ) .This makes it endowed with very impressive performance when drawing strings ,  such action like hooking  will   will become easy, low strength. This "piano taste" often let their hair ruffled, but never tired of repeating over and over again .

Strum is the perfect fusion with the band is simply impeccable.
I think for this guitar , strum is  better than decomposition, with one of my producer words, foreigner's work why sound so excellent , the original hardware are great,the late mixdown will be much simpler.High EQ basic doesn't need to  move, and song alignment is very high .Do not grab the  frequencies, assume that the four members in the use of guitar strumming,  in addition piano  provides the fullness of IF, but also provides rich enough paddles "wipe" sound, high above with hihat, to make space for human sound .But also a test of musicians' timing, tempo's  instability may be very obvious .
Excellent dynamic, swipe or  heavy sweep  can easily control a different tone, timbre is  on the wrist, while the guitar is the stage you show the  best level of your performance  .
The deepest impression this guitar gave me is that large volume, low dive deep volume . ,surprisedly large volume .
When I recorded taylor if the average level is -15dB, probably d45 can be  at -8 to 0, even occasionally burst. And Especially that,  even   hard sweep Taylor , volume changes is in that  scope.
The d45 is different, you can feel even add a little force, the  sound will be bigger, until you sweep the string by using the  largest strength,  she still has no end.Scary enough, She should be of fisrt choice for outdoor playing . To sing ! To sweep !
On the recording, if you want to get the same response, microphone placement  are not the same with the Taylor's .
If you follow my record taylor position (before the classic nut  12 ,15-30cm), I am afraid   a low-frequency of D45 will be amused to a  confusion, this is definitely not satisfying sound.
So, we should find the skill in the position.I tried a lot of positions, then settle perfectly in 1 day time  ,that feel awsome!
Yes, strongly recommend that the microphones used with the   fishman103 pickups and microphones,  the stereo is fantastic!
I think in the late mixdown, the low frequency should be cut a little   more , because the low-frequency of D 45 is really too much.
Of course, my taylor is 410, and d45 not on a price, there is nothing comparable .Roughly describe feelings of using these two guitars .
Taylor has a good high frequency strings (I understand is metallic), and can carry the strings .For example, using the same strumming after  5 days, when lightly graze 5,6 string by using left hand , it will leave a long period of "rubbing" sound of metal . While this metallic sound d45 will become very short, if you like the sound and always want to have it  (this sound really good to hear, so-called strings sense), you must want to change the strings.

Shortly , for T , metal is heavier , for D, more wood taste.
Currently , my string is elixir 012-053, temporarily not use any other string, if there is better one, hope friends can recommend to me .
My personal understanding is that Martin's low-end does not listen well , but high-end is super nice.Taylor's low end is not bad, high-end is also general .
Say some differences from the om45, i think om45 is designed for thrum.Intermediate frequency is so beautiful, but strum sounds not  good , six strings are difficult to melt well . Instead d45 strum is particularly beautiful, fingering style is  relatively normal, bass treble is very exaggerated , EQ is  V-shaped.
To play fingerstyle, om45 is absolutely right (in single brand Martin ).

The following is the statement i made in my Circle of Friends the second day i bought the D45 :
Bought a Martin flagship model - Martin d45 , made in USA 2011.
Originally i am not interested in d45 , after i played the om45 ,gibson sj200, humming bird, lowden , taylor914 and the custom , then i began to play the d45, and  finnaly found that this was just what i really want.
Martin is the ancestor of type D .170-year history of piano making really is not bragged . Martin d45 owns many Martin's essence, X-bracing and forward shifted technique.  vintage open gold-plated knobs, never rust frets, ivory piano pillow, abalone binding. Very luxurious.
The guitar  body exudes a scent of spruce + rosewood, the moment open the guitar case you know it is the top-class timber!
Voice is impressive, nice, is really nice.
Overtone foot,  frequency dive deep, high-frequency crystal clear, a snapping sound resonates throughout the room  , led by a launch body rhythm.Snapping an empty string listen carefully, you can hear the natural overtone above the pitch, and the pitch is extremely sensitive, able to detect it immediately .
Sweep a E chords, within a  measurement time of 10 seconds  , attenuation curve is smooth, and be able to clearly hear every sound .
Accompanied with  elixir 012-053 strings , layered sound intensity is extremely delicate, with efforts to control emotions is a very easy thing, she knows what you want!
Strings are of moderate hardness, gently climb up there, it is easy to  complete the pulling, hooking and striking action, feel great!
To compare with the  taylor 410 beside, feeling is t is jean sounding, m is the room in the ringing ;T is a point, m is a surface, and the volume is huge.
Just afraid of confinement , i do not want to touch Taylor any more . He has been with me for many years and i have done a lot of work, and now I am afraid it will be shelved for a long time.
No toss any more , d45 will be with me throughout  my life ,a guitar  for future generations.  wow , excited......
( Smiling ......)